Here at TheFreeSamples.co.uk, we dedicate our energies to regularly update our lists of freebie stuff, free sample and exciting competitions. On our website, you will notice new updates and offers around the week. A lot of UK based companies, offer free samples and giveaways, on a regular basis for the sake of product promotion and marketing. A lot of famous brands are looking for feedback and product testing of their various new product launches and they offer free products to the consumer for this sake. What we do is find out those free offers, samples and products and list it here on our website for you to easily avail them.

We mainly focus on listing offers from the famous brands from the UK like Dove, Pampers, Colgate, Olay, Oral-B, Head and Shoulders and the list goes on. You will come across hundreds of free samples and freebie offers listed on our website. Once a consumer has tried a specific product it is very likely that he/she would buy that product for their future needs. So this freebie offers work for both companies and consumers. You can choose as many offers from our list as you like. Once you’ve choose the product that you want to get free sample of, you just have to fill in your shipping details to claim that offer. You can sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on various offers as soon as they hit the market. We wish you the best of luck on your freebies UK hunt.

Your Go-To Guide To Getting Free Stuff!

Especially if you are a newbie to free stuff, we recommend that you read this FAQ before you get started. In general, this is for ‘real life’ freebies!

Get Yourself A Secondary Email Address For Freebies

Use Google, Yahoo or some other company to set up a secondary email address. Don’t worry, it’s not because you are going to get a whole lot of spam, sites like that are not listed by us. However, to request a freebie you normally need to provide an email address or agree to receive newsletters in exchange. This will mean that the companies who send you the freebies will also be sending you promotional material or newsletters. To avoid your primary email getting bombarded with such information, take a few minutes to set up a secondary email address. The same can be said if you enter into a lot of competitions.

New To Freebies? Check out our guide below

There is actually a catch, but if you listen to the advice about how freebies work, it really doesn’t need to be an issue. The catch to the freebies is that you tend to have to opt-in to be part of an emailing list. In addition, if you are hoping to get your hands on ‘real life’ freebies, you will also need to provide your home address to receive the item. In the 10 years that we have been involved in requesting freebies, we have not yet been plagued with junk mail through the post and have had no issues once a secondary email has been set up. Don’t forget, the freebies we include are all from established companies who are offering legitimate samples and who are in line with data protection laws – not all sites do this, even if they say they do. In general, if an offer looks too good to be true, it often is exactly that!

Am I going to receive a lot of spam? No, our dealings are not with sites who send out spam. To define the term, spam refers to unsolicited – the sites we list do not send such emails.

How long will I tend to have to wait? It can vary. Normally, companies start sending out their freebies within 28 days, however, some will do so sooner. Some samples have been known to arrive within 7 days!

‘My friend received her sample, but I didn’t get mine!’

There may be times when your friend receives their sample, but yours never makes it to you. Some companies who offer free samples online sometimes underestimate the demand. This means they can quickly run out. If you do not receive a freebie you had requested, at Thefreesamples.co.uk we quickly remove the offer so that people are not disappointed. That being said, the best way to ensure you get your freebie is to request it early. Don’t give up! There are many freebies you can select from, in fact, samples which have expired will likely come up again soon.

Why did I create this site?

Well we just love getting free samples, mainly because we are able to get a sense of how good the product is before we buy. I was also inspired by other freebie sites including Wow free stuff, MSE, Hotukdeals and more.