Is a Legit Freebie Site?
Yes, we are a 100% real. You can go through our Freebie Photos archive for the proof of various freebie samples our users have availed through our website. You can also visit one of our social media pages and follow us on our news and updates.

What Information will I have to share?
– You will have to provide an email address to the companies you are ordering the freebie samples from. You can make an extra email account for this purpose to save your personal one from various marketing emails and spams. You can use your spare email address while filling in the information for various freebie offers.
– You would have to give your shipping address where you want the freebie samples to be delivered. You can expect a product to be delivered at your doorsteps unless you’ve provided the authentic shipping address.
– In some cases, companies ask for your phone number to question your experience with their products but you can put in any digits that come through your mind to fill in that box instead of giving your personal phone number.

How can you offer free stuff?
We don’t offer any free stuff, we just list freebie offers from various companies that offer giveaways of their products for the sake of advertisement and marketing.

Is signing-up for safe?
Yes, we will use your email address only to update you on various offers as soon as they are listed on our website. We don’t spam.

Can non-UK citizens also signup for
Yes, being a UK citizen is not compulsory for signing up for

When will my freebie stuff deliver?
It usually takes time for a sample to arrive at your door steps because a lot of other people have also applied for that offer. In general, if you win a sample offer, your shipment will be delivered within 8 weeks.

Will I have to pay for the Delivery?
We mainly focus on listing giveaway offers with free delivery. Unless it’s a really great product, there are no shipment charges for a freebie sample. We mention on our listing if a freebie offer does not offer a free delivery.

How do I order a freebie?
It’s simple. Just browse through our list of freebie offers and choose the ones that you like and want and then click on them, fill in the details and then you’re go to go. We suggest that you apply for as money offers as you can so your mail box keeps flooding with freebie samples each week.