We are one of the largest freebie sites in the UK. At any given instant we are offering more than 300 freebie offers and giveaways. Almost 7-10 freebie offers and free samples including competitions are added to our list each day, throughout the week.

Is this Freebie thing Real?
Yes, a 100% real. You can check various photos of people who’ve won freebie stuff from our website. You can also follow us on various social media websites to keep track on latest offers and people who win those offers each week.

Lots and lots of companies and various famous brands from the UK offer various giveaways and freebie samples for the sake of advertisement and marketing. How it make sense is when consumers try a freebie sample, they’re more likely to purchase the product in the future for their personal needs. All you have to do is pick a free sample of your choice from our regularly update list, fill in the details and then wait for your shipment to arrive. Some of the famous UK brands that we regularly list on our website include products from Unilever and many others like Gillette, Olay, Oral-B etc. The thing that makes our website different from other freebie sites on the internet is that we list products from only the famous manufacturers and companies from the UK.

How to Get Started?

1- Browse through our website’s list of free samples and offers. We categorize our products with respect to their types so it is way is for our users to browse through them.

2- Pick the free samples that appeal you the most and click on the link that reads, “GET ME THIS NOW”

3- The last step is to fill in your details after you’ve chosen the freebie sample of your choice. Fill in all your shipping details. On average it takes 28 days for a sample to arrive at your doorsteps.

Not all free orders that you place arrive. There is no way to guarantee that you will get your sample or at least any time sooner. We tested ourselves and applied for 50 freebie offers out of which 29 arrived with 11 weeks of our order. If the delivery time is mentioned next to the offer you are applying for then take it as a rough estimate for when will your freebie offer arrive.

We’d also like to mention that we don’t work with or for any of the companies and their brands that are listed on our website. We just look for various deals that are offered by these companies, competitions, and discount coupons and list them on our website so you can easily access them without going through any trouble. You can check out our archive of Freebie Photos for the offers that are available at the moment and can also sign up for our newsletter for latest deals and offers.